Monday, September 24, 2012

9/24- Huge Silver With A Little Gold

The weekend got started with a bang or more like a BOOM in my case. I decided to retrace some steps and use my medium size coil to see if I could find some deeper targets in areas I have been before. I wasn't finding much but then I got a questionable signal that was repeating. Typically I did every signal that repeats multiply times. It was coming up at where a wheat penny usually comes up so when I pulled up the plug to find multiple silver coins, I was super excited!!! I also found a old sleigh bell that was pretty deep as well. It has to be one of the coolest finds I have ever found.

In this one hole was a 1935 Walking Half Dollar, 1936 Mercury Dime, 1940 Silver Quarter, and a 1942 War nickel. I have never found 4 silver coins in a hole and the walking half was a big surprise. I am calling this the grand slam.
 The 1942 war nickel is part silver and it's the second one I have found.
 The sleigh bell was a cool find, very unique and could be over a 100 years old
 You can see the number 6 on the bottom. I wonder if that's just a number in a set.

On Saturday I went golfing and then met up with Ben for some tree strip hunting. He had just found a 14K gold ring when I showed up so he was sure excited as that was the first real gold of the year. I was pretty jealous. I went over the the other side of the road where I found a mercury dime, tax token, and a wheat penny. Ben had to retire early so I decided to go over to Zeke's house again and see what I can find. I was blown away by my little coil as it came up with my first gold of the year, a silver dime, and a 1907 Indian head penny. I also found a really cool old school razor.

I need to dig up more targets like this and retrace my steps.

 The Indian Head Penny was found on the side of the house where there was so much nails that I couldn't get a thresh hold. I was literally going slower then a snail's pace when it went off. It was only a couple inches down.
 I love this old school razor. I told Zeke if he wants it is his. The razor is from Gem Mircorazors and was made anywhere from 1920-1940's.
 Total finds from Zeke's house
 Total find for this last week. One of the best I have ever had.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

9/20- Zeke and Rachel's House

Last night, Ben and I went by buddy Zeke's house to search his place. The house was built in the 1920's. The night started of great when I found the only piece of silver for the night, a 1918 mercury dime. It appeared that the backyard had been redone recently so we really only searched the front. Here are my finds for the night.

Total finds from Zeke and Rachel's house. It's always amazing how much change is in a person's yard.
 The top left token is a 100 year anniversary for Sears Co, Top left is another Utah Tax Token, and the bottom two were not found at the house but they appear to be from the Middle East. Please let me know if you know the country they are from.
 Here is the good stuff from the hunt. One mercury dime from 1918 and 5 wheat pennies from 1916, 1919, 1942, 1944, and 1944. The two from 1944 were in the same hole.

Monday, September 17, 2012

9/17- Miller's House, Tree Strips, and Deer Creek

So this weekend I was back at my buddy Derald's place looking for the good stuff. I found a lot of surface coins last time so I was hoping to get into some older coins on Saturday. It didn't turn out to be that way because I only found 2 wheat pennies and a mercury dime. When I sent the photo of all the new stuff I found to Derald, he expressed concerns about the number of holes I was digging in his lawn. I explained again that I don't kill the grass and in a lot of situations, I don't even have to dig since the coin is right on the surface. He said that he wants the mercury dime and so I am going to make a display for him. After Derald's place, I was back at it on the tree strips. I did find another wheat penny and a silver ring. Sunday I went up to Deer Creek and found my first silver coin up there are well. It turned out to be a pretty good weekend.

Saturday haul from Derald's place.
 The small CTR pin could also be silver but doesn't have a punch mark.
 The older coins found at the house.
 What a beauty!!
 Total finds from the two times at Derald's place. 1 mercury, 6 wheats, 1 tax token, and $5.81 in change.
 Tree strip finds from Saturday
 My buddy Ben has found several of these old makeup kits. This is my first one!
 Does anyone know what this thing is? I have no idea.
Close up of the silver ring. Hecho in Mexico, I love me some Mexican silver.
 Total finds from Deer Creek.

 First silver coin from the lake. I also found a 1965 and 1967 quarter. So close to being silver.
 It's not all treasure. It's safe to say some man's trash is another man's trash......BOOM

Thursday, September 13, 2012

9/13- Derald Miller's House

After several attempts over the last few years, my good friend Derald Miller has finally allowed me to search his house in Provo. I was very excited to get over there last night to hunt it. The night didn't start out how I would have liked. I found a lot of surface coins and it seemed pretty trashy. I finally found my first wheat penny from 1918 after about an hour. Once I finished the two strips of lawn in the front, I moved to the tree strips. It was very hard to dig due to the roots of the trees but the good targets started coming in. I'm going to go back and try using the smaller coil to see if that changes anything. Special thanks to Derald for allowing me to hunt his place. He has spent a lot of time getting his lawn looking good and I made sure to keep it that way.

Here are the good finds from last night. The house was built in the early 1920's. I am sure there is some silver to be found.
 Close up of the tax token. These are fun to find and I seem to be picking them up every where I go now.

Total haul from last night. Plenty of coins to be found. Now that I cleared the easy stuff, I hope to find some older items.

Monday, September 10, 2012

9/10- Old Silver With Old Relics

This weekend was a good one! Friday night I got out there for a little bit and came up with one wheat penny. On Saturday I got up early and headed to the same tree strip from before. I put on my medium size coil for some extra depth and it paid off. My first find of the day was over 12 inches down and it was an old pocket watch. Right after that came a old butter knife with the words Rogers Nickel Silver on the side. Doing some research, Rogers Co have been around since the mid 1800's. The knife itself seems newer but either way it was a cool find. After a round a golf, I met up with Ben and we worked a house on Center Street in Provo. The ground had a lot of trash in it but after a good 30 minutes, I had my first real signal. I pulled up a nail in disbelief but then check the hole again. When I got another signal, I knew it was something good. I pulled out the 1911 Barber Dime!!! Ben also found a Mercury Dime and and tax token. It's my oldest piece of silver to date.

The pocket watch has seen better days but it is one of my favorite finds this year.
 There is a name on one of the little pieces inside, I am hoping to research and find out how old it is.
 Anytime you pull a plug and you find silver it is a great day. When it turns out to be a Barber Dime, it's a fantastic day.
 Close up after being in the ground for what could be 90 years.

 This was another interesting find from Saturday. It has the number 1446 in the middle and at the bottom it says 1928 State of Utah. I think it's and old geographical marker.
 My Rogers nickel silver knife
 Hopefully you can make out the writing on the knife.
 All the good finds from this weekend. I found 4 wheats, 2 tax tokens, Barber Dime, an arcade token, and another token that I can't read very well.
 Very nice silver wedding band. Good way to end the week.

Friday, September 7, 2012

9/7- Tree Strips Run Bare

Once again I was out on the tree strips last night and was having a pretty hard time. Thanks to the encouraging phone call of my good friend Jarron Cozad, I am even more determine to find my first buffalo. I bounced around to a number of tree strips but barely found my first wheat penny at the end of the night. It was from 1920 so I am excited to go back to that spot to hunt on Saturday.

One wheat penny from 1920, a Peter Piper's Pizza token, and a cool Switzerland pin were the good things from the night.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

9/6- Labor Day Weekend

On Saturday, Ben and I were once again at the house on Center street looking for old coins. The day started out really well for myself as I found 5 wheat pennies and a small fresh water pearl ring. Ben once again found the illusive buffalo nickel and a mercury dime. I was not finished when Ben went home so I went over to some tree strips by BYU and found my first war nickel. A war nickel is from the period of World War 2 where the US used silver in the nickels since they needed nickel for the war. I was just happy to find some silver.

Little toy ring with a fresh water pearl in it
 1943 War nickel
 Saturday's finds with 8 wheats and 1 war nickel
 This must have come from a BYU, I am thinking it's from a locker.
On Labor day, I started in Spanish Fork at my buddy's house. It started off really slow but end up finding three tax tokens including a $.05 token, a mercury dime from 1917, one wheat penny, and a cheap ring. I met up with Ben and his dad after that at a old church built in 1915. It turned out to be a bust as I found only two wheat pennies and a bunch of clad. Not being satisfied with our finds, we moved to a new location where I found another wheat penny and a silver ring. The day ended with another silver ring to make it a descent day of hunting.

Silver from Labor Day
 I love finding tokens because they are a unique part of Utah history
 All the good finds from Labor Day
 All the rest of the coins from the old church