Wednesday, August 7, 2013

8/7 1908 Home Produces V nickel

I haven't been out much lately due to some other hobbies and my back. I feel like I'm getting old fast. Last week I only metal detected once but it was at a 1908 house that I got permission to detect. Stewart the homeowner explained some of the history of the house and that the original homeowner was in charge of BYU music department back in the day. The front yard was really small so it was pretty easy to cover everything in a couple of hours. The house is currently being rented and it was a good opportunity for me to talk metal detecting with renters.

Based off of what I was finding, the yard had been re-landscaped back in 50's. I started finding a few wheat pennies from the 40's and mostly just clad. I moved to the other side of the lawn and finally got a decent signal about 6". It turned out to be a 1947 Silver Rosie!!! Following that I started hitting wheat after wheat. Then I got a solid nickel signal and I was really hoping for a Buffalo nickel so when I dug down 7" and found the nickel I was sure it was a buffalo. To my surprise, I saw a big V on the backside and I was so stoked. I waited till I got home to check the date, 1902!!! That is my 2nd V nickel of the year and my 2nd of all time.

First all the clad. Total coin count was 53 coins from the front yard
 Two chucky cheese tokes and a 1987 Korean coin.
 House relics! I love the little hockey goalie.
 The old stuff!!! all wheat pennies were from 40's minus one from 1916. 1947 Rosie and 1902 V nickel!!!
 First time seeing that beautiful V
 The V nickel cleaned up pretty good!