Monday, December 3, 2012

12/3- First Barber Quarter!!!

On Saturday, I went up to Kaysville Utah with my buddy Zeke. Zeke has been very influential in helping me find some of my coolest finds this year. It was at Zeke's house that I found my 14k gold ring. He has talked with his brother and he allowed me to go up to his house in Salt Lake where I found my oldest coin, 1982 Barber Dime. Recently Zeke asked his sister in Kaysville if I could come up there and search around her house that was built in 1897. She agreed, so Saturday we gave it a shot. Here is the what we found.

The house had a very large yard but most of the good finds came from the tree strip out front.
 I have learned over the year that some of the best spots to look are right up against large trees. I was shocked when I dug this 1911-S Barber Quarter from the hole. I was telling Ben the other day that one of us was going to find a silver quarter. I was so thrilled to see that it was a Barber since that is pretty rare for this area.
 Up close picture of the Barber.

 Shortly after I found the Barber, the same signal came up about three feet from it. I thought it was another quarter but it turned out to be a Davis County Canning Co. token from the early 1900's. On the back it says Syracuse Utah.
 Zeke had a good time up there. He got a real taste for what it takes to metal detect. He went back over the tree strip where I found the Barber and pulled out this 1924 Wheat Penny. It was sitting right next to a nail. WAY TO GO ZEKE!!! Next time you will get some silver.
 Total finds from the day. I found a pocket spill with a 1946 silver dime and 1940 nickel. 5 wheats in total from 1919,23,29,44,and 46. The best find of the day was obviously the Barber. The weather is suppose to drop off now so this could be the end of VT mining for this year.