Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1929 Home Pays Out Big Silver

On Friday night I noticed a old house with for sale sign in front. I decided to call on it and see if I could get permission to metal detect it. The man said yes and away I went. I noticed very quickly that this place had never be detected. The wheat pennies were only 3-4 inches down. I had a feeling I was going to get into some good finds. Well I did!!! Friday night I only had a small window of time and came away with a 1916-S mercury dime and 7 wheat. I decided to get up early Saturday and go back. The day ended up being a record day for silver coins.

Yard was small but full of good stuff!!!
 Love it when you pull out that first silver coin. First silver was 1916-S worth about $2 haha.
 This is my first silver Washington this year!!! Silver quarters have been tough to come by.
 Total finds for the day included 7 silver coins, 13 wheat, 2 tokens, 1 Japanese coin, and a mystery nickel I can't see anything on. What a great hunt!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1905 House Keeps Producing for VT Mining

Spent a night last week back over at the 1905 home that Ben and I have detected pretty hard. It's a pretty good size yard and I have been working it really slow. Since it was just me, I tried to go over Ben's area so I could make him jealous but like always, he did a great job of cleaning out every good signal. I did happen to find another token on his side though. Sorry Ben!

Here are the finds! Just a few feet from where I found another Indian, I found a 1895 Indian which makes three for the yard. I found 5 wheat pennies from 1917, 1918, 1919, 1941, and 1956. My relics were one copper ring, pad lock, and a couple bullet casing. The two tokens rounded out the night, one Utah Tax Token and a "Only for Amusement" Token that Ben missed :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

6/10 Trip to Weiser Yields Good Silver and Good Pocket Spill

So my first post of  2013 was me in Costa Rica. During that time I got one of my best friend's dad to pick up the hobby. Tyler now has the bug really bad and is always calling me telling me what he found. He recently got permission to hunt the one of the oldest houses in our hometown of Weiser Idaho. It is a huge property but I knew it was a good one when he started sending me pics of his finds. This weekend I decided to drive up there to give it a shot. Hoping Tyler hadn't cleaned it all out. Here are some of Tyler's finds

 I got to Weiser about 1am and went downstairs to find this guy relaxing. Just a little blow snake but that's what happens when you live on a farm.

 I got to the house at 7:30am. Tyler wanted me to go over a patch of area where he had already been. Looking at the place I started right next to the old stone wall. First signal was a 1946 silver Rosie. I took three steps and picked up a 1919 wheat. Walked a few more steps and picked up a 1916 buffalo. I thought this house was going to be a gold mine. Went the next two hours with hardly anything. It has been hit before but someone forgot to hit the rock wall I guess.
 After a dry spell, I was about to quit for lunch when I came right up to the base of a tree and got a real iffy signal. I pulled the plug back and out came these 5 beautiful coins. First was the 1918 SLQ, then 1916 buffalo, 1913 wheat, 1903 Indian penny, and a 1917 Mercury dime to round it out. One of the most amazing pocket spills I have every found

 Ended with 3 silver coins, 2 buffalo nickels, 1 indian penny and 6 wheat pennies from 1913,1918,1919,1925,1944, and 1957.
 Total relic finds from the day. Found a couple shotgun cases, scissors, part of a necklace and other things.
 One of the cool things I found was this "National Wool Growers Association" "Portland Oregon 1911". The top is a picture of what it is suppose to look like. The bottom is the one I found. Apparently 2000 delegates from across the US met to discuss potential tariffs to the wool industry. Here is the Newspaper Article. The house was used for many meetings as well so it could be that the delegate from Weiser lived there or lost it there. Looking at the journal from the convention, one Weiser based company stood out, Butterfield Live Stock Co. LTD.

The other very cool find was the "Oregon Trail Park, Weiser Idaho" tag. After doing some research I realized this has correlation with Mortimer's Island. Mortimer's island was an amusement park in Weiser back in the early 1900's. I believe this a tag used to leave your personal belongings when you ride the rides and come back for them later. It is just a guess but I love that it says Weiser Idaho.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

6/3- 1900 Home and Cascade Golf Course

On Saturday got out for a little with Ben. He had a buddy who closed on a 1900 home that we decided to go by and try. Ben had a great day of finds. You can see them on  Ben's Blog. I came away with 7 wheats on the day from 1913, 1918, 1925, 1939,1945,2-1950 and a Utah Tax Token.

The key in the middle is a key for Idaho Bank & Trust and it has Blackfoot-Pocatello-Burley on the bottom. Only fitting that an Idaho boy would find it haha.
 Yesterday Ben got the crazy idea to see if we could detect around some of the greens at Cascade golf course. They are taking the golf course out and developing the area with homes. He thought we could find some old vintage ball markers. I told him we had a good chance for some rings but he didn't believe me until he found a Tungsten wedding band. I came away with a few ball markers and some change. Still was pretty fun to be out there.