Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1929 Home Pays Out Big Silver

On Friday night I noticed a old house with for sale sign in front. I decided to call on it and see if I could get permission to metal detect it. The man said yes and away I went. I noticed very quickly that this place had never be detected. The wheat pennies were only 3-4 inches down. I had a feeling I was going to get into some good finds. Well I did!!! Friday night I only had a small window of time and came away with a 1916-S mercury dime and 7 wheat. I decided to get up early Saturday and go back. The day ended up being a record day for silver coins.

Yard was small but full of good stuff!!!
 Love it when you pull out that first silver coin. First silver was 1916-S worth about $2 haha.
 This is my first silver Washington this year!!! Silver quarters have been tough to come by.
 Total finds for the day included 7 silver coins, 13 wheat, 2 tokens, 1 Japanese coin, and a mystery nickel I can't see anything on. What a great hunt!!!

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