Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7/31- You Never Get It All The First Time

So over the the weekend and then again last night, I spent time going over areas I had covered with my big coil. This time I took my little 8x6 coil and made sure to sweep the area very slowly. I met up with Ben at a house we had already went over. The first time we were there, we found a good 15+ wheat pennies and three silver dimes. I decided to focus on the same area we covered and I was amazed on what I found. Ben found 5 wheat pennies and a beautiful silver bracelet. I ended the night with 9 wheat pennies, 2 silver dimes, and one nickel from 1940. The small coil did wonders in areas where a coin was close to a large piece of metal. I am looking forward to going back over a few areas with the smaller coil.

 Finds from last night's hunt. The silver dimes are from 1946 and 1952. The wheat pennies range from the 20's-50's.
 My first tax token found at the Probst House.
 Things that were missed at the Probst House after the first trip

Thursday, July 26, 2012

7/26- The Probst House

My friends Tayna and David Probst have always invited me to come metal detect their 1920's home in Spanish Fork. Well I decided to give them a call and get out there to see what I can find. When I got there, I thought it was big enough to call my buddy Ben and his dad. They came down and we had a good time. The find of the night came from Keith who found a 1889 Indian Head Penny. You can see Ben and Keith's finds at http://blog.benhere.com/. Special thanks to David and Tanya for letting us come down there.

 Total finds from the hunt
 Found a couple bullet casings and plenty of trash items
 The best finds for me where the 1935 Silver quarter and 4 wheat pennies from 1923,1937,1944, and1945

Monday, July 23, 2012

7/23- Record Day for Silver Rings

This past week was a pretty slow week. My typical hunts to Deer Creek didn't yield as much in silver but I did find a couple of wheat pennies. On Saturday, I was at Rock Canyon Park at a birthday party when I was noticing a bunch of people going down a slippy slide. I thought that would be a good place to go. Sunday after church, I went back there and man did I hit it big. I found 8 total rings, of which 7 are silver rings, one silver dime and plenty of coins. That's the most rings I have even found on one trip and the most silver rings as well.

All the items from this week. Over $20 in change, 3 wheat pennies, 1 silver dime, 9silver rings, 1 cell phone, and plenty of other cool items.

 Found these two rings at Deer Creek on Saturday. One on the right is a Zions National Park ring.
 Mystery Coin that I found on Saturday at Deer Creek. It says 2 cents on the back and is from 1951. I cant make anything out on the other side.
 Two more silver rings from Deer Creek. That place keeps producing for me.
 The record breaking day!!! Total weight is 1.4 ounces of silver. The ring in the 2nd row on the right is a James Avery ring that retails at $70 online.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Small Success Story

Last night at my stake FHE, my detecting skills were called upon to find a girl's ring she had lost during the activity. It took me all of ten minutes to find the ring and I was rewarded with a big hug, BOOM!!! It was fun finding it for her and if anyone knows someone who has lost a special item, please let me know.

The lost item
 One happy customer!!!
 One satisfied business owner

7/17- Back to Deer Creek

So I spent last week back at Deer Creek since the water has been so low. I like working the area because it is a change in pace and I am really hoping to find some gold items up there. It is also fun just to pull things off the surface and not have to dig very deep for them. Here are some of last week's finds.

Started the week off with a little hunt with Ben and his dad at South Fork Park up Provo Canyon. I found a nice silver ring and one Mexican Peso.
 After a company party at the lake, I stayed behind to hunt the beaches. I found 2 silver rings and a good share of sinkers and hooks.
 On Saturday, the weather was pretty bad so I had to hide a few times from the rain. It end up being a very good day with 3 silver rings and a pocket knife.
 After hunting the beaches for a day, you are bound to have a pocket full of lead sinkers.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Silver Update

So this has been my longest run of finding silver. The last 9 trips have yielded silver in each one. I hope this streak continues.

Last weeks haul of silver weighing in shy of 2 ounces

Deer Creek Pays Out

I have made three trips up to Deer Creek reservoir and it keeps paying out with silver and other cool items. So far out of the three trips, I have found 5 silver items and close to $15 in change.

First trip out yields a pair of silver rings and a few sinkers and hooks

 My first cell phone!!!
 Second trip out with a little over $9 in coins and two silver items. The silver bracelet is a Navajo Tahe bracelet. It was pretty heavy as well

 I was at Deer Creek last night for a company event and stayed after to find another silver ring and some change.
 These things start weighing your pack down if you get too many of them

Week of 4th of July

With the start of a new quarter at work, I was able to take some much needed time off. I spent a good portion of that time metal detecting with Ben and his dad in a few locations. The city of Pleasant Grove has been knocking down some homes to add on to the rec center. It was a good time to get out there and find some old stuff since the houses were early 1900's. It turned out to be one of the best weeks of metal detecting in the history of VT Mining.

Found these 8 wheat pennies and 2 mercury dimes at a house in Pleasant Grove. The 2 dimes were in the same hole. Ben found a silver dime and I think 9 wheat and 1 Indian head penny from 1903. It was a good place to hunt.
 When you dig up something like this, your heart skips a beat. Found this at one of the houses in Pleasant Grove. I couldn't believe it.
 First silver half dollar and now all I need to complete the group is a silver dollar coin.
 Couldn't be happier
 I also found this very old necklace piece right close to the silver half dollar. One of my favorites as well

Monday, July 2, 2012

2012 First Half Review

I know there is a lot of people out there wanting to track the progress of VT Mining to see if it would be a good investment down the road. Although I retain all equity in VT Mining, I find it important to report my first half earnings for 2012. Before I can report this year's first half efforts, I must review last years.

Total amount = $104 in coins
Total Rings = 30 total rings, 14 silver rings
Total silver coins = 3
Total wheat pennies = 8

This year I'm breaking it up in each group of coins

Total value in quarters = $100.75
Total value in dimes = $78.10
Total value in nickels = $9.05
Total silver coins =8
Total silver rings = 26
Total wheat pennies = 50
Foreign coins from Canada, Russia, England, Israel, and Korea.

As you can see my number are already close to a 100% increase from last year in every category. VT Mining is blowing up!!!

This was my 400th quarter of the year. Never though I would see the day.

7/2- Silver Streak Continues

This weekend was filled with more silver. It started Friday with another beautiful silver dime and a silver ring that says DAD. On Saturday, I spent the day back at Hillcrest Park trying to finish that spot. I was finding a lot but no silver, I was just about to call it a day when I was about 20 feet from the truck and I found a nice silver ring. The streak continues with 4 straight trips of finding silver.

 My silver items from this weekend. I have a sweet video thanks to my buddy Ben on uncovering this silver dime. Thanks Ben for the help!
 This is an interesting token found and Hillcrest Park. On the back it just has the number 5
 Saturday at Hillcrest pays out again. I found $1.58 in one hole.
 Other items form Hillcrest. The little aluminum piece was cut into two and I found each piece 20 feet from each other. I also found my 4th Lord of the Rings ring.
 Total amount for the week.