Monday, July 2, 2012

7/2- Silver Streak Continues

This weekend was filled with more silver. It started Friday with another beautiful silver dime and a silver ring that says DAD. On Saturday, I spent the day back at Hillcrest Park trying to finish that spot. I was finding a lot but no silver, I was just about to call it a day when I was about 20 feet from the truck and I found a nice silver ring. The streak continues with 4 straight trips of finding silver.

 My silver items from this weekend. I have a sweet video thanks to my buddy Ben on uncovering this silver dime. Thanks Ben for the help!
 This is an interesting token found and Hillcrest Park. On the back it just has the number 5
 Saturday at Hillcrest pays out again. I found $1.58 in one hole.
 Other items form Hillcrest. The little aluminum piece was cut into two and I found each piece 20 feet from each other. I also found my 4th Lord of the Rings ring.
 Total amount for the week.

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  1. Where is the video? Did you post it on youtube?