Friday, June 29, 2012

6/29- Silver Time!!!

In the last 6 outings, I have found some kind of silver item. The E-trac with the big coil is working hard to bring me the good stuff. I have made it a goal to clean out hillcrest park and that has been my silver honey hole. This summer it has produced 9 silver rings and 3 silver coins. Here are my finds from my last two outings.

Pulled this 1961 Roosevelt from Hillcrest park.
 After a little hot water, it's nice and clean. I love finding silver coins because they shine up so well.
 Total findings from Hillcrest. A total of $6.12 in coins, one silver, one wheat from 1944, and one Canadian nickel. Some other cool finds were the boyscout piece and a little bracelet with MARINERS edged in it.
 This was the second of 2 silver rings I found yesterday at Lions Park. I went out there with Ben and his dad. I worked an area close to the pavilion that I felt would have a lot traffic. This one was down 6 inches but the other CTR ring was on the surface.
 After Ben and his dad left at sundown, I went over the the baseball field to find some older coins. Once again for the second night in a row, I found a 1961 silver dime. It was a foot from a 1944 wheat penny as well.

 Total finds for Lions Park

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