Thursday, June 21, 2012

6/21- VT Mining Update

Well it's been a long time since I posted an update and I know many of you are concern about the health of this thriving enterprise. I have been traveling a lot and have found little time for metal detecting in the last couple of weeks. For father's day, I went to Weiser Idaho to hang out with my dad and while I was there, we went down to an old farm house we used to own. My dad said if we found one coin he would be happy. Well 5 minutes in I found a 1955 Wheat penny. It just so happen to be the only thing we found haha. Here are some updated picks from the last few days.

Picture of the old farm house where I found the wheat penny

 Total finding from the last few trips. Total is $7.62 in coins, 2 silver rings, 2 other rings, and a few odd items. The marble you see was in the same hole as a 1962 penny so I think someone lost their marbles when they lost their money hahahaha ( No pun intended)
 There has been wide speculation that the silver ring on the left was poached from my dear friend and mentor Ben. Being three bands on one ring and all silver, I can understand why someone would want it for their collection. All allegations have been put to rest :)

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