Monday, June 4, 2012

5/4/12- 4 Wheat Pennies To Go With 4 Silver Rings

I spent some time on the weekend working two parks that I have been to several times. One park sits across from the temple in American Fork and the other across from University Mall in Orem. Both parks have their perks. The old park across from the temple has been a popular place for old coins. I didn't find much there but I did find 4 wheat pennies from the 1940's. Hillcrest Park has been a SILVER MINE (not a gold mine since I haven't found any gold there). I found 4 silver rings this time which brings me to 8 silver rings and 2 silver coins for the park. I put sunblock on 4 times but couldn't reach my back very well so it's safe to say I have a awesome sunburn.

Also as many of you know, last year I found a total of $104 in coins and 30 total rings of which half were silver. I counted up my quarters, dimes, and nickels and I have $144 so far this year and it's no even half over. VT Mining will be blowing out it's $200 goal in no time. I also have found 16 silver rings so far this year. Total silver is just shy of 2 ounces.

Total dollar amount was just shy of $10

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