Friday, June 1, 2012

6/1/12- Memorial Day Pays Out Huge Finds

The long weekend gave me some good opportunity to hit a spot I always wanted to hit. My buddy and mentor, Ben sent me a picture of a Indian Head penny that he found in the field next to the Provo Tabernacle. I decided to go down there and see what would happen with my big coil. The grass was very try and hard to dig in but there were coins all over the place. I found over 350 coins there over the weekend. I also made sure to clean off all targets from the surface. After doing that, Ben and I went back and started looking for the deep stuff. We started finding wheat penny after wheat penny and then Ben let out a "YES" when he found another Indian Head Penny. In total I found 15 Wheat pennies from 1909 which is the first year they made them, to 1955. I learned a valuable lesson that no matter how good you think you cleaned off an area, there is always more to find. I was very excited to witness Ben finding his first Indian Head penny, first Buffalo nickel, first Barber dime, first V nickel, first Seated dime, and first Shield nickel. If you want to see something that is very rare in the metal detecting world, check out Ben's blog at

First trip to Provo Tabernacle yields 253 coins
 Some of the other finds from the first trip
 I hate trash!!!
 These are my 15 wheat pennies from the Provo Tabernacle. The oldest is a 1909 and the most recent is 1955.
 First pocket knife! The button pin could be the coolest button I have ever found
 I believe this coin is from Israel. Crazy all the coins I find from other countries right here in Provo.

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  1. That is one big pile of coins! Good times! Thanks for the shout out. Israeli coin was a cool find.