Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9/25 Saturday Hunt with Jason Yields Silver and One Token Far From Home

My buddy Jason, a fellow Idahoan came down to Provo to metal detect last Saturday. I had three houses line up for us. The first house was a 1929 home with a small front yard, the second was a 1890 home that had been previously metal detected, and the third was a 1919 home with a good size yard. Here are all three!!! Thanks again to the owners for allowing us to come metal detect!

The 1929 house didn't a ton of finds. I found 3 wheat pennies from 1925, 1927, and 1940 all in the same hole. In the tree strip I found a Utah Tax Token and pretty much just the general clad. Jason had found a couple of wheat pennies as well. Also Jason found a silver CTR ring in a tree strip just down the street prior to getting to the house. After that we focused on the 1890 home and once again it was a few wheat pennies followed by some clad.

The final stop of the day was the 1919 home. After talking with the owner we got started. The first old find was another Utah Tax Token followed by a wheat and then FINALLY a 1946 Silver Rosie. I was on the board and the day was looking promising.

The next signal was a general 12:34 on the machine so I was thinking penny but when I pulled the plug I imediately realized it was too large to be a penny. I cleaned off as best as I could and could make out Missouri. I thought that it could not be a Missouri Tax Token but it sure was! That coin had travel. They were minted in 1935. My grandma Meme who still lives in Missouri told me she remember having to carry them around in order to buy things. The also go my the name Mill. Needless to say I was thrilled.

In total, I found 1 silver rosie, 8 wheat pennies, 3 tax tokens, and $3.15 in clad. Some of the relics included bullets, necklaces and an old shirt cuff. Great day!!!

3 Tax Tokens from Utah and Missouri
 Here are my relic finds for the day!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1900 Home Pays Out Grand Slam

I know it's been over a month since my last post. I have been traveling for work but I have been able to get out a number of times. Instead of going back, I am going to start with the most recent. Saturday I met Ben at a house he got permission to hunt. The house was built in 1900 and had been metal detected a couple of times. Ben started off killing it with wheat after wheat. I knew quickly the house had not been hit very hard. I went really slow getting every signal. I used two tone ferrous setting since there was alot of iron. Two tone ferrous is a setting used to pick out conductive or non-ferrous metals from the ground. This picture explains it! I was able to find this small penny surrounded by all these iron nails.

I started finding a few nickels and thought to myself that there are going to be some buffalo and V nickels here. Shortly after that Ben found a buffalo followed by a V nickel. Since we usually find the same stuff, I was quietly confident I would find some too. Shortly after that I found a buffalo and then on my next pass, a V nickel. Also had a 6 wheat penny drop which is the most I have ever found in one hole and a 2 tax token drop as well!

I can barely make out 13 on the date making it a 1913-S. I looked it up and it is a type 2 so in good condition it could be worth $229. It probably wouldn't get that grade so I would say it's worth no more then $40.
 When I pulled my V nickel from the ground, Ben couldn't believe it. Ben's V nickel was 1902, mine was 1899.
 6 wheat pennies in one hole! One of the pennies is a steal penny that is all corroded.
 Tax token drop!!! Love these token.

 At the end of the day, I was passing over an area where Ben had pass. I was hoping for one more good find when I got another nickel signal. I immediately thought to myself, could it be another V nickel? It wasn't deep but I pulled back the plug and found a very smooth nickel size object. I knew it was old but when I started cleaning it off, I noticed a shield!!! I couldn't believe it, I had found my first shield nickel. When I got home I discovered it was a 1867!!! My oldest coin to date. You can't get much older then this in Utah, the town I was in had been established in 1850, just 17 years prior. You can see the lines of shield in the picture which made me shout for joy!

Here's a picture of the house back in the day! Thanks again to the nice family that let us search for history
Some of finds freshly pulled from the earth!!!
 Cleaned up looking nice after many years in the dirt!

Here are my relic finds from the day! I found some costume jewelry, bullets, buttons, harmonica reed, and a key to a organ.
 My beautiful grand slam!!! In one day, in one yard I found every type of nickel ever produced!!!
 Backside view

Also special thanks to this guy for helping me dig!