Friday, May 31, 2013

1905 Home Keeps Giving

Ben and I met up again last night to go back to the 1905 home from last week. I grid off the side I worked last time and switched to manual. I was very impressed that I found what I did in areas where previously I hit very hard. Ben and I both came away with some good finds.

First find in the area I know I covered before was this beautiful WW2 button. Manual sensitivity picked it up where auto didn't. This was the find of the night for me
 The home owner Mike wanted to film us while we metal detected to do a piece for YouTube. While he was filming, I pulled my 4th buffalo nickel of the year. 1923 and it's in great condition.
 I love finding tokens. It tells a little more about the place. I found 2 Utah Tax tokens but the coolest one was the "Good for 5 Cents" token. I can't read the back yet so I don't know where it's from.
 Mike got out there with his kids towards the end. Everyone wanted to try and they did pretty well for the short period of time. They found a couple pennies, a dime, and a quarter. Special thanks to Mike for letting us come metal detect the yard.
 The total count for the night was less then 20 coins. I found 6 wheat pennies from 1919, 1927,1934,1945,1950, and 1958. I also snagged a 1945 silver war nickel.
 Here are my relic finds from the night.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

1905 Home Pays Out Silver, Indians, and Old Canadian Coin

Last week I did some door knocking one night and came across a house built in 1905. The owners were super nice and agreed to let me and Ben come detect it. We showed up a couple days later ready to go. Mike the home owner even got into the action and I think we converted another person to the metal detecting ways.

At first I was a little frustrated because Ben had a couple 1917 wheat pennies for I had my first real coin. It took me a little longer but I started finding some good finds.

It was a lovely night when we got out there.
 Here is what the house looked like back in the day.

I came out with some good coins. 1946 Silver Rosie, 2 IH pennies from 1891 & 1903, 8 wheat pennies from 1909-S, 1916, 3-1919-S, 2-1945. I didn't realize I had the 1909-S but that could easy be my most valuable wheat penny. In good condition it's worth $50-$85. 
 Here are my relics from the day. Old pocket knife, harmonica reed, and old toy jack.
 This was a cool little tag that reads "Caterpillar Tractor Co, San Leandro California"
 Here is the most interesting coin of the day. I thought I had a large cent but knew it couldn't be because of the age of the home. After cleaning up I say that it was a large cent but just not American. It turned out to be 1915 Canadian one cent. It makes it my oldest foreign coin.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

5/22 Two Silver Rings From Community Park

The other night I decided to for go detecting homes and try to find some silver rings with Ben and his dad at City Center Park. It was a popular spot with plenty of people around. It is not an old park so I was just focusing on finding some silver since my count has been down lately. I ended the night with a pile of clad and 2 CTR rings. They were both silver but the large of the two ended up having some black hill gold in it as in inside of the ring read RTC .925 12K. I was pretty happy with that. The ring retails for $80+. Not a back night!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5/21 Last Couple Weeks of Finds

I know I have not been updating the blog in the last couple of weeks. Lots of travel and lots of just metal detecting had prevented me from getting caught up. I have kept up on the photos so I'll let them speak for the last few weeks. These are in order of most recent to the oldest since last time I posted.

Saturday it rained most of the morning. Jason came down from Salt Lake and Ben met up as well. We hit a 1877 home that was hit several times before by others. They did a pretty decent job but I was happy to find my first V nickel from 1884. I can finally cross that off my list! We tried a few other spots but Saturday was not about quantity, it was about quality.
 I found a house from 1923 that had the yard ripped out so I stopped and tried it out. The ground was solid gravel and was hard to dig. It also made it pretty easy to find things since they were all on the surface. Best finds were a 1945 War nickel, 1954 silver Rosie, and 4 wheats.
 Spent a night looking for my buddy's gold wedding ring in Sandy. Derald is my good friend of many years who is always joking about my metal detecting. He is not poking fun anymore! I found the ring within 10 minutes of getting there. The ring is 14K and is made from gold given to him from his grandmother. Ben and I had  good time looking for it.
 That same night Ben got a call from a member in his ward and told us of a place where they are excavating the lot. There wasn't a lot of target but I managed this small token ring from the hit radio show Sky King from the 1940's. It was pretty good find.
 This home was built in late 1800's. Didn't find anything old but did managed a small silver ring and a large good luck token. Also found a dog tag as well.
 One day I stopped by this tree strip where the owner told me another guy had just barely metal detected it. Having an ego I was determined to find something they left behind. I found a couple modern coins and parts to an old toy. Looks like a construction truck.
 I met Ben one night at Lions park and got rained on pretty hard. I found two wheat pennies from the 50's, a silver heart from a necklace, and a English pound. After the rain in so beautiful against the mountains.
 One of the last trips to the corner house next to Pioneer Park yielded three wheats and a couple really cool relics. The coolest find of the night was in the same hole as one of the wheat pennies. It was a old purple bottle that was most likely used for aspirin back in the day.