Friday, May 31, 2013

1905 Home Keeps Giving

Ben and I met up again last night to go back to the 1905 home from last week. I grid off the side I worked last time and switched to manual. I was very impressed that I found what I did in areas where previously I hit very hard. Ben and I both came away with some good finds.

First find in the area I know I covered before was this beautiful WW2 button. Manual sensitivity picked it up where auto didn't. This was the find of the night for me
 The home owner Mike wanted to film us while we metal detected to do a piece for YouTube. While he was filming, I pulled my 4th buffalo nickel of the year. 1923 and it's in great condition.
 I love finding tokens. It tells a little more about the place. I found 2 Utah Tax tokens but the coolest one was the "Good for 5 Cents" token. I can't read the back yet so I don't know where it's from.
 Mike got out there with his kids towards the end. Everyone wanted to try and they did pretty well for the short period of time. They found a couple pennies, a dime, and a quarter. Special thanks to Mike for letting us come metal detect the yard.
 The total count for the night was less then 20 coins. I found 6 wheat pennies from 1919, 1927,1934,1945,1950, and 1958. I also snagged a 1945 silver war nickel.
 Here are my relic finds from the night.

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  1. Do you need to edit this one to says a WWI button? Very successful hunt.