Thursday, May 30, 2013

1905 Home Pays Out Silver, Indians, and Old Canadian Coin

Last week I did some door knocking one night and came across a house built in 1905. The owners were super nice and agreed to let me and Ben come detect it. We showed up a couple days later ready to go. Mike the home owner even got into the action and I think we converted another person to the metal detecting ways.

At first I was a little frustrated because Ben had a couple 1917 wheat pennies for I had my first real coin. It took me a little longer but I started finding some good finds.

It was a lovely night when we got out there.
 Here is what the house looked like back in the day.

I came out with some good coins. 1946 Silver Rosie, 2 IH pennies from 1891 & 1903, 8 wheat pennies from 1909-S, 1916, 3-1919-S, 2-1945. I didn't realize I had the 1909-S but that could easy be my most valuable wheat penny. In good condition it's worth $50-$85. 
 Here are my relics from the day. Old pocket knife, harmonica reed, and old toy jack.
 This was a cool little tag that reads "Caterpillar Tractor Co, San Leandro California"
 Here is the most interesting coin of the day. I thought I had a large cent but knew it couldn't be because of the age of the home. After cleaning up I say that it was a large cent but just not American. It turned out to be 1915 Canadian one cent. It makes it my oldest foreign coin.

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