Thursday, August 30, 2012

8/30- Standing Liberty Quarter

I got out last night and had some time to search an area with some old trees. I always look for trees that are a few feet around because it tells me that the ground around it has been there for 50+ years. Once again I was finding all the wrong coins. In the metal detecting world, we like coins that are before 1964 because that makes them silver. Last night I found a couple dollars in coins but I was finding coins from the late 60's which is torture because they are so close to being silver. I was going along when I got a true quarter signal and went to dig it up. It was about 5 inches down and when I pulled the plug up I knew instantly that it was silver. Upon looking at it more closely, I noticed the back was different then the quarter we see today. It was a standing liberty quarter that was well worn and didn't have a date on it. The standing liberty quarter was from 1917-1930 so it has to be within that time. I also found one wheat penny and a necklace that does not appear to be silver.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8/29- Tree Strips and Pioneer Park

Saturday I met up with Ben and we hit some tree strips again in Provo. The day started pretty slow but quickly got exciting. I can't count how many times I have found a dime or quarter that was one year from being silver. On Saturday the tides turned for me and instead of finding the first year of non-silver coins, I found two silver dimes from 1964. I also found 9 wheat pennies which in one hole I found a record 4 wheat pennies. Towards the end of the hunt, I found a small silver ring as the "cherry on top" of a good day. Last night I joined Ben again at Pioneer Park to try to find some old coins. Pioneer Park is notorious for having a lot of trash so I used my small coil. It paid out well with 5 wheat pennies and 2 foreign coins from Peru and Canada.

Saturday was a lucky day since I got two silver dimes from the last year they made silver coins 1964.
 Silver band came up very low and was bent in half, I was fortunate to bend it back into shape.
 This has to be one of the coolest finds of the day. I have found other tokens before but this is a 5 cent emergency relief fund token. Very hard to find because the aluminum doesn't hold up well. The picture at the bottom shows what they look like. These tokens were used from 1937-1941 as Utah issued a sales tax. They stop making them during World War 2 because Aluminum was being used in the war.

 The last two outings yielded 14 wheat pennies from 1919-1948.

 Yesterday found two foreign coins from Peru and Canada. I just need a Canadian $.25 piece to complete my collection of Canadian coins.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

8/23- First Barber Dime

Ben and I hit the tree strips in Provo yesterday. Ben was only out for a little bit so I went over to the little park in Provo where I noticed some old trees. Didn't find a ton but the first think I found was a 1912 Barber Dime. I also found 5 wheat pennies from 40,41,44,45,46. The Barber Dime was right next to the curb again and right next to a nail. When I realized what it was, I was pretty pumped.

I love the small coil and how I can get right up on the edge of the curb where others have not searched.
 I was so shocked since the coin was very black from being in the dirt. Usually silver coins come out nice and clean.
 The good finds from the day. I think the pin nail is from a piano but I am not sure.
 It appears to be pretty old but I will need to look up the company to see where it came from.
 I was sure lucky to find this guy. Now I just need a buffalo nickel and I am set for the summer.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/22- Silver on the Tree Strip

I met Ben at Westridge Elementary on Monday night for a late hunt. I strapped on the big coil and was looking for silver. I found a small CTR ring so I was pretty content at that point. Last night I met Ben at a LDS church will some large trees surrounding it. Playing off the success of Ben finding a Barber Dime over the weekend, we started hunting the tree strips in front of the church since that is actually owned by the city. I was only there for about and hour and found 1 Wheat Penny from 1944 and a Mercury Dime from 1943. The dime was right up against the curb which I thought was pretty lucky find.

This was right at the base of the curb. It was only a couple inches down.
 Gotta love the silver!!! Ben had a great night as well with 2 silver rings, 1 silver quarter, and 1 silver dime.

Monday, August 20, 2012

8/20- Oldest Coin Ever Found

The last couple outings have been very successful. I have been working with Ben at a old house off of Center Street in Provo. The house was built in the late 1800's. Using my small coil, I have methodically combed over the area finding some really good items. I found a 1897 Indian Penny as well as a 1917 Mercury Dime. The Indian Penny is the oldest coin I have ever found and the Mercury is the oldest silver coin I have ever found. I was hoping for a Buffalo Nickel but no luck this time around. Here are a few good things I have found in the last couple trips. Ben also cleaned house and found some really good items too. I think we are really getting a handle on this. WE STILL NEED MORE OLD HOUSES TO HUNT SO IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS OR FAMILY WITH OLD HOMES, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

1897 Indian Penny!!! Now I am on the search for my first Buffalo Nickel.
 1917 Mercury dime. This guys was probably 10 feet from the Indian Penny.
 My buddy Ben had worked this area before but when I went back over it with my small coil, I found this 8K gold ring at the base of a big tree stump. It is most likely just plated but it was cool to see the small coil at work.
 Everyone should know what game this guy comes from. It appears to be pretty old so I am hoping it was from a earlier game of Monopoly.
 On Saturday, I found one Mercury Dime and 9 Wheat Pennies. The real champion was Ben with 5 silver dimes including one Barber Dime from 1892 which is a key date and could be worth some good money. Nice job Ben!!!
 This is a mystery item I found that I am not sure where it comes from. It appears to be a pin of some sort but I am not sure. I'm going to research it and get back on this.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

8/2- First Indian Head Penny

Yesterday was a special day because I landed my first Indian Head Penny. Ben and his dad have both come up with them this summer so I wanted to join their elite group. Keith actually found the oldest coin so far, a 1889 Indian Head Penny. I was telling Ben the other day that I wanted to find a Indian penny and a Buffalo nickel. We were over in Pleasant Grove and although I didn't find much, I did find my first Indian Head Penny from 1906.

At first, I didn't realize what I had found but I was so excited when I saw the date.
 Only other real find from the night was a 1944 wheat penny.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

8/1 Small Coil Still Cleaning Up

Two nights ago, I covered half the yard of a house Ben and I had went over a few weeks back. It paid out really well with the small coil. I decided to go back again last night and give the other side a sweep. The other side was the side I had worked the previous time so I was very interested to see if I had left things with my big coil. I methodically combed over each sweep like I was mowing the lawn. I was shocked to see what I found. Take a look!

The small coil is only 8"x6" compared to my large coil that is 18"x15". This picture was taken right before I found the best pocket spill I have ever found. I define a pocket spill as a place where someone drops all their change in one location.
 Right next to a large metal sprinkler head and right up against the sidewalk, I found the best pocket spill ever. In the same hole there was a 1946 nickel, 1944 silver mercury dime, and a 1964 silver quarter.
 Shorty after the spill, I found my third silver coin in a spot I know I swept with my big coil. The mercury dime was from 1943.
 In total found over 40 coins. I found 2 tax tokens, 5 wheat pennies, 2 silver dimes, and 1 silver quarter.
 Close up on the good stuff!!!