Thursday, August 30, 2012

8/30- Standing Liberty Quarter

I got out last night and had some time to search an area with some old trees. I always look for trees that are a few feet around because it tells me that the ground around it has been there for 50+ years. Once again I was finding all the wrong coins. In the metal detecting world, we like coins that are before 1964 because that makes them silver. Last night I found a couple dollars in coins but I was finding coins from the late 60's which is torture because they are so close to being silver. I was going along when I got a true quarter signal and went to dig it up. It was about 5 inches down and when I pulled the plug up I knew instantly that it was silver. Upon looking at it more closely, I noticed the back was different then the quarter we see today. It was a standing liberty quarter that was well worn and didn't have a date on it. The standing liberty quarter was from 1917-1930 so it has to be within that time. I also found one wheat penny and a necklace that does not appear to be silver.

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