Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8/29- Tree Strips and Pioneer Park

Saturday I met up with Ben and we hit some tree strips again in Provo. The day started pretty slow but quickly got exciting. I can't count how many times I have found a dime or quarter that was one year from being silver. On Saturday the tides turned for me and instead of finding the first year of non-silver coins, I found two silver dimes from 1964. I also found 9 wheat pennies which in one hole I found a record 4 wheat pennies. Towards the end of the hunt, I found a small silver ring as the "cherry on top" of a good day. Last night I joined Ben again at Pioneer Park to try to find some old coins. Pioneer Park is notorious for having a lot of trash so I used my small coil. It paid out well with 5 wheat pennies and 2 foreign coins from Peru and Canada.

Saturday was a lucky day since I got two silver dimes from the last year they made silver coins 1964.
 Silver band came up very low and was bent in half, I was fortunate to bend it back into shape.
 This has to be one of the coolest finds of the day. I have found other tokens before but this is a 5 cent emergency relief fund token. Very hard to find because the aluminum doesn't hold up well. The picture at the bottom shows what they look like. These tokens were used from 1937-1941 as Utah issued a sales tax. They stop making them during World War 2 because Aluminum was being used in the war.

 The last two outings yielded 14 wheat pennies from 1919-1948.

 Yesterday found two foreign coins from Peru and Canada. I just need a Canadian $.25 piece to complete my collection of Canadian coins.

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