Wednesday, August 1, 2012

8/1 Small Coil Still Cleaning Up

Two nights ago, I covered half the yard of a house Ben and I had went over a few weeks back. It paid out really well with the small coil. I decided to go back again last night and give the other side a sweep. The other side was the side I had worked the previous time so I was very interested to see if I had left things with my big coil. I methodically combed over each sweep like I was mowing the lawn. I was shocked to see what I found. Take a look!

The small coil is only 8"x6" compared to my large coil that is 18"x15". This picture was taken right before I found the best pocket spill I have ever found. I define a pocket spill as a place where someone drops all their change in one location.
 Right next to a large metal sprinkler head and right up against the sidewalk, I found the best pocket spill ever. In the same hole there was a 1946 nickel, 1944 silver mercury dime, and a 1964 silver quarter.
 Shorty after the spill, I found my third silver coin in a spot I know I swept with my big coil. The mercury dime was from 1943.
 In total found over 40 coins. I found 2 tax tokens, 5 wheat pennies, 2 silver dimes, and 1 silver quarter.
 Close up on the good stuff!!!

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  1. I think I had a pocket spill just as I read about your big haul.
    Good job!