Monday, August 20, 2012

8/20- Oldest Coin Ever Found

The last couple outings have been very successful. I have been working with Ben at a old house off of Center Street in Provo. The house was built in the late 1800's. Using my small coil, I have methodically combed over the area finding some really good items. I found a 1897 Indian Penny as well as a 1917 Mercury Dime. The Indian Penny is the oldest coin I have ever found and the Mercury is the oldest silver coin I have ever found. I was hoping for a Buffalo Nickel but no luck this time around. Here are a few good things I have found in the last couple trips. Ben also cleaned house and found some really good items too. I think we are really getting a handle on this. WE STILL NEED MORE OLD HOUSES TO HUNT SO IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS OR FAMILY WITH OLD HOMES, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

1897 Indian Penny!!! Now I am on the search for my first Buffalo Nickel.
 1917 Mercury dime. This guys was probably 10 feet from the Indian Penny.
 My buddy Ben had worked this area before but when I went back over it with my small coil, I found this 8K gold ring at the base of a big tree stump. It is most likely just plated but it was cool to see the small coil at work.
 Everyone should know what game this guy comes from. It appears to be pretty old so I am hoping it was from a earlier game of Monopoly.
 On Saturday, I found one Mercury Dime and 9 Wheat Pennies. The real champion was Ben with 5 silver dimes including one Barber Dime from 1892 which is a key date and could be worth some good money. Nice job Ben!!!
 This is a mystery item I found that I am not sure where it comes from. It appears to be a pin of some sort but I am not sure. I'm going to research it and get back on this.

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