Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/22- Silver on the Tree Strip

I met Ben at Westridge Elementary on Monday night for a late hunt. I strapped on the big coil and was looking for silver. I found a small CTR ring so I was pretty content at that point. Last night I met Ben at a LDS church will some large trees surrounding it. Playing off the success of Ben finding a Barber Dime over the weekend, we started hunting the tree strips in front of the church since that is actually owned by the city. I was only there for about and hour and found 1 Wheat Penny from 1944 and a Mercury Dime from 1943. The dime was right up against the curb which I thought was pretty lucky find.

This was right at the base of the curb. It was only a couple inches down.
 Gotta love the silver!!! Ben had a great night as well with 2 silver rings, 1 silver quarter, and 1 silver dime.

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