Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7/31- You Never Get It All The First Time

So over the the weekend and then again last night, I spent time going over areas I had covered with my big coil. This time I took my little 8x6 coil and made sure to sweep the area very slowly. I met up with Ben at a house we had already went over. The first time we were there, we found a good 15+ wheat pennies and three silver dimes. I decided to focus on the same area we covered and I was amazed on what I found. Ben found 5 wheat pennies and a beautiful silver bracelet. I ended the night with 9 wheat pennies, 2 silver dimes, and one nickel from 1940. The small coil did wonders in areas where a coin was close to a large piece of metal. I am looking forward to going back over a few areas with the smaller coil.

 Finds from last night's hunt. The silver dimes are from 1946 and 1952. The wheat pennies range from the 20's-50's.
 My first tax token found at the Probst House.
 Things that were missed at the Probst House after the first trip

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