Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7/17- Back to Deer Creek

So I spent last week back at Deer Creek since the water has been so low. I like working the area because it is a change in pace and I am really hoping to find some gold items up there. It is also fun just to pull things off the surface and not have to dig very deep for them. Here are some of last week's finds.

Started the week off with a little hunt with Ben and his dad at South Fork Park up Provo Canyon. I found a nice silver ring and one Mexican Peso.
 After a company party at the lake, I stayed behind to hunt the beaches. I found 2 silver rings and a good share of sinkers and hooks.
 On Saturday, the weather was pretty bad so I had to hide a few times from the rain. It end up being a very good day with 3 silver rings and a pocket knife.
 After hunting the beaches for a day, you are bound to have a pocket full of lead sinkers.

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