Thursday, September 6, 2012

9/6- Labor Day Weekend

On Saturday, Ben and I were once again at the house on Center street looking for old coins. The day started out really well for myself as I found 5 wheat pennies and a small fresh water pearl ring. Ben once again found the illusive buffalo nickel and a mercury dime. I was not finished when Ben went home so I went over to some tree strips by BYU and found my first war nickel. A war nickel is from the period of World War 2 where the US used silver in the nickels since they needed nickel for the war. I was just happy to find some silver.

Little toy ring with a fresh water pearl in it
 1943 War nickel
 Saturday's finds with 8 wheats and 1 war nickel
 This must have come from a BYU, I am thinking it's from a locker.
On Labor day, I started in Spanish Fork at my buddy's house. It started off really slow but end up finding three tax tokens including a $.05 token, a mercury dime from 1917, one wheat penny, and a cheap ring. I met up with Ben and his dad after that at a old church built in 1915. It turned out to be a bust as I found only two wheat pennies and a bunch of clad. Not being satisfied with our finds, we moved to a new location where I found another wheat penny and a silver ring. The day ended with another silver ring to make it a descent day of hunting.

Silver from Labor Day
 I love finding tokens because they are a unique part of Utah history
 All the good finds from Labor Day
 All the rest of the coins from the old church

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