Monday, September 24, 2012

9/24- Huge Silver With A Little Gold

The weekend got started with a bang or more like a BOOM in my case. I decided to retrace some steps and use my medium size coil to see if I could find some deeper targets in areas I have been before. I wasn't finding much but then I got a questionable signal that was repeating. Typically I did every signal that repeats multiply times. It was coming up at where a wheat penny usually comes up so when I pulled up the plug to find multiple silver coins, I was super excited!!! I also found a old sleigh bell that was pretty deep as well. It has to be one of the coolest finds I have ever found.

In this one hole was a 1935 Walking Half Dollar, 1936 Mercury Dime, 1940 Silver Quarter, and a 1942 War nickel. I have never found 4 silver coins in a hole and the walking half was a big surprise. I am calling this the grand slam.
 The 1942 war nickel is part silver and it's the second one I have found.
 The sleigh bell was a cool find, very unique and could be over a 100 years old
 You can see the number 6 on the bottom. I wonder if that's just a number in a set.

On Saturday I went golfing and then met up with Ben for some tree strip hunting. He had just found a 14K gold ring when I showed up so he was sure excited as that was the first real gold of the year. I was pretty jealous. I went over the the other side of the road where I found a mercury dime, tax token, and a wheat penny. Ben had to retire early so I decided to go over to Zeke's house again and see what I can find. I was blown away by my little coil as it came up with my first gold of the year, a silver dime, and a 1907 Indian head penny. I also found a really cool old school razor.

I need to dig up more targets like this and retrace my steps.

 The Indian Head Penny was found on the side of the house where there was so much nails that I couldn't get a thresh hold. I was literally going slower then a snail's pace when it went off. It was only a couple inches down.
 I love this old school razor. I told Zeke if he wants it is his. The razor is from Gem Mircorazors and was made anywhere from 1920-1940's.
 Total finds from Zeke's house
 Total find for this last week. One of the best I have ever had.


  1. The student has become the master. I think the best find of all is the bell.

  2. ...although it is hard to beat a 4 silver hole!

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