Monday, September 17, 2012

9/17- Miller's House, Tree Strips, and Deer Creek

So this weekend I was back at my buddy Derald's place looking for the good stuff. I found a lot of surface coins last time so I was hoping to get into some older coins on Saturday. It didn't turn out to be that way because I only found 2 wheat pennies and a mercury dime. When I sent the photo of all the new stuff I found to Derald, he expressed concerns about the number of holes I was digging in his lawn. I explained again that I don't kill the grass and in a lot of situations, I don't even have to dig since the coin is right on the surface. He said that he wants the mercury dime and so I am going to make a display for him. After Derald's place, I was back at it on the tree strips. I did find another wheat penny and a silver ring. Sunday I went up to Deer Creek and found my first silver coin up there are well. It turned out to be a pretty good weekend.

Saturday haul from Derald's place.
 The small CTR pin could also be silver but doesn't have a punch mark.
 The older coins found at the house.
 What a beauty!!
 Total finds from the two times at Derald's place. 1 mercury, 6 wheats, 1 tax token, and $5.81 in change.
 Tree strip finds from Saturday
 My buddy Ben has found several of these old makeup kits. This is my first one!
 Does anyone know what this thing is? I have no idea.
Close up of the silver ring. Hecho in Mexico, I love me some Mexican silver.
 Total finds from Deer Creek.

 First silver coin from the lake. I also found a 1965 and 1967 quarter. So close to being silver.
 It's not all treasure. It's safe to say some man's trash is another man's trash......BOOM

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