Monday, September 10, 2012

9/10- Old Silver With Old Relics

This weekend was a good one! Friday night I got out there for a little bit and came up with one wheat penny. On Saturday I got up early and headed to the same tree strip from before. I put on my medium size coil for some extra depth and it paid off. My first find of the day was over 12 inches down and it was an old pocket watch. Right after that came a old butter knife with the words Rogers Nickel Silver on the side. Doing some research, Rogers Co have been around since the mid 1800's. The knife itself seems newer but either way it was a cool find. After a round a golf, I met up with Ben and we worked a house on Center Street in Provo. The ground had a lot of trash in it but after a good 30 minutes, I had my first real signal. I pulled up a nail in disbelief but then check the hole again. When I got another signal, I knew it was something good. I pulled out the 1911 Barber Dime!!! Ben also found a Mercury Dime and and tax token. It's my oldest piece of silver to date.

The pocket watch has seen better days but it is one of my favorite finds this year.
 There is a name on one of the little pieces inside, I am hoping to research and find out how old it is.
 Anytime you pull a plug and you find silver it is a great day. When it turns out to be a Barber Dime, it's a fantastic day.
 Close up after being in the ground for what could be 90 years.

 This was another interesting find from Saturday. It has the number 1446 in the middle and at the bottom it says 1928 State of Utah. I think it's and old geographical marker.
 My Rogers nickel silver knife
 Hopefully you can make out the writing on the knife.
 All the good finds from this weekend. I found 4 wheats, 2 tax tokens, Barber Dime, an arcade token, and another token that I can't read very well.
 Very nice silver wedding band. Good way to end the week.

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