Monday, October 8, 2012

10/8- Too Much Travel, Not Enough Finds

I have not been out as much as I would like due to the fact I have been traveling a ton for work and family. I was in Boston the other week attending my cousin Jenny's wedding. I did not take the metal detector with me since I was going to be with family I hadn't seen for a while. I got back from Boston and immediately left for San Francisco for a week for work. I did take my metal detector with me and went out a couple times at night. In the between time, I have been to Lion's park with Ben where we focused on digging every target to try to find some older and possible gold items. We also went back to Rock Canyon Park in search of gold rings since I had my record day there with 7 silver rings in one day. After conference, I spent some time at an old church downtown Provo where I found some good stuff as well. Here are the finds.

First here are a couple pics from Boston with my sister, mom, and Meme. I had a great time with them in Boston seeing some of the historical sites. This is in front of North Church where Paul Revere hung the lantern to signal the British were coming.

 This was my view from San Francisco. Not a ton of targets and no silver but it was fun to try a new place
 All my silver items from this last week. The star of David and little peace sign is from Rock Canyon Park. The 1944 mercury dime is from the church. The little piece sign is the smallest silver item I have ever found and gives a good idea of how sensitive my machine is.
 Total finds from my week. Ben and I both had a pocket spill with two presidential dollar coins in it.
 Other items from the hunts. Nothing of real worth but always interesting.
 Total wheat for the week was 7 and one mercury dime. Brings the the total to 39 silver coins and 158 wheats for the year.

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