Monday, October 29, 2012

10/29- New locations, Small Coil Pays Out, and Harold

This weekend I was all over the valley. My dear friend and supporter Marc Sitterud tied the knot this weekend and I would just like to congratulate him and Jackie on a lovely wedding. The wedding brought friends from all over. One in particular is my good friend Harold Abell from Chicago. He has always been a big supporter of the metal detecting so I had some time to get out with him Saturday morning. Thanks to my friend Zeke and his brother, I was able to test out a new property in Salt Lake. It is an 1890 home with some good potential. Harold and I only searched for 30 minutes but it paid out one 1945 wheat penny. I am confident that I will find some good stuff when I have some more time to hunt it.

Here is Harold (aka Big Hair) in front of the 1890 home. He is an engineer for GE and was giving me some wisdom while we tested out the location. Thanks for coming out buddy.
 A lady stopped me when I was hunting a house in Pleasant Grove and told me that this house was just purchased by the city. I did some research and found that it was built in 1930. I told Ben about it and we met up to hunt it. The targets were very deep. Ben found 5 wheats, 1 merc, and a piece of silver jewelry. I found 4 wheats and a tax token.
This token was found in the yard, it appears to have a name and on the back it says Florida Pool Products. I thought it was interesting.

On Sunday, I headed back to the 1904 lot in Provo where I found a hoard of costume jewelry. I decided to use my small coil since Ben and I had already covered the area once before. The small coils continues to amaze me since I found another 5 wheat pennies, 1 mercury dime, and a silver ring. The picture is a good example of how the small coil works between bad targets to find the good stuff. The silver dime and wheat penny where found next to this large iron target. The larger coil was not able to pick it up. The silver ring was also found next to some rusty old nails.

Total finds from the weekend.  10 wheats, 1 mercury, 1 tax token, and silver ring.
Most of the coins are from 40's and 50's with one from 1925. The stone is not a real diamond :(

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