Friday, November 2, 2012

11/2- Foreign Silver

On Halloween, Ben and I hit up a tree strip in Provo. I thought it was going to be a great night when my first coin was a 1942 Mercury dime but after that I didn't find much. I ended the night with just the one silver dime and one wheat penny. Last night I called Ben and told him I was going to go back to the 1904 lot and continue working the area with my small coil. He said he would join and when He got there, his first coin was also a 1942 Mercury dime. Showing his experience, Ben ended up finding 4 wheats in an area where I had already been twice. I was happy for him but also disappointed they weren't in my pocket. Well done Ben, you are still the best in Utah Valley. I did happen to find 4 wheats of my own along with a record, 4 Utah tax tokens. Most of the items I found were in holes with nails and other junk items. I am always impressed with the little coil. The find of the night was my first foreign silver coin. It was in a hole with a 1925 wheat penny so I thought in could be a buffalo nickel but it turned out to be a very tarnished silver coin from Chile. It's from 1920. It was great find!

Total finds from the 1904 lot. I dug a lot of nails looking for the good stuff.
 Total finds from my two outings this week. The coin from Chile has to be my favorite.
 The front side is very tarnished but I was shocked to see the date and that it was silver. First foreign silver!

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