Thursday, November 29, 2012

11/29- Good Weather Leads to 50th Silver Coin

After the first week of November, I thought this year's season was over for VT Mining. After finding my oldest coin, the weather turned to winter and the snow started to fall. I figured I would not complete with my goal of getting to 50 silver coins. The nice thing about living in Utah is that the weather turns every 15 minutes. The last 3 weeks have been very nice and has allowed me to focus in on a spot I have wanted to search for a long time.

I usually follow the same route to work everyday and everyday I have passed this old blue house from the late 1800's. At time I have seen people metal detecting the location. I did some research and found that the house and the house next door are owned by a non-profit organization. I contacted the Executive Director and he gave me permission to hunt. Sharing this knowledge with my buddy Ben, we started to work the area.

At first glance I noticed the area had been searched before judging by the job the previous person had done. They did a poor job of  filling their digs. Not matter where you go, it is important to make sure you are careful and leave the area just has you found it. One of the great joys of metal detecting is following where someone else has been and just cleaning up all the good stuff they left behind. The sad part is when it happen to you. Ben is good at that haha. Here are some of the good finds from the last couple weeks.

This was a first for me! 1980 Chaparral High School class ring. It has some gold in it so that was a real find for me. I have done some research and have discovered the high school is in Las Vegas. Inside the ring is the initials KRB. I have located the potential person and I am trying to get in touch with him as we speak. Hopefully a good story comes out of it.

This toy truck was wrapped around a root of a tree. It was a pretty cool find.

 You can see that there are old and new items found all the time. The key was probably from the 1800's and the toy truck was probably from the 80's. One of the simple joys of metal detecting.

Now we get to the good stuff! I have found a total of 7 silver coins, 25 wheat pennies, and 2 tax tokens. The 1906 Barber Dime is my 50th SILVER COIN!!! I finally made it. Ben has done equally as well. He has found 3 coins from the 1800's including a 1896 V nickel. I am super jealous of that. I can tell the place has been hunted before so it's good to find all these old items.

 Here is my Christmas tree of coins. Happy Holidays!!!

I went back last night and was able to find my 5th barber. It was in an area that both Ben and I have been over a couple of time proving there is always more to find.

 This has to be one of the coolest finds from the location. It is a 1910 Boys Scout token that a shoe company made to promote their product. They made them from 1910-1914. The craziest thing is what is on the back.
 At first glance I thought the Boy Scouts were Nazi. I did some research and although the swastika has a negative feel to it now, it is also a universal symbol for good luck as expressed here. The Nazi swastika is also tilted. Between the swastika you can see a Wish Bone, Horse Shoe, 4 Leaf Clover, and some other symbol. All are associated with good luck. This has to be one of my favorite finds from this location.


  1. Love all the silver! The key and token are also pretty dang cool!

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