Monday, November 5, 2012

11/5- 1892 Barber Dime

This weekend I went by the house in Salt Lake City that was built in 1890. I didn't have much luck the first time so I was looking forward to finding some older items. The grass was long and covered with leafs but I was able to get started with no problem. I didn't find a ton of stuff but I did come away with my oldest coin so far. Check it out!

First thing I found was a tax token so I was hopeful for some old silver. I thought it was an outside chance that I would find something from the 1800's but it happened. The 2nd item found was a 1892-O Barber Dime. My oldest coin ever found
This is the most exciting thing about metal detecting, uncovering something that has been lost for 100 years.
Here is a close up of this beauty

 Total old finds from the weekend include 1 barber dime, 1 tax token, and 4 wheat pennies.
 Total finds from the 1890 home. My favorites are the bullet slug, button, and thimble.
 Close up of the old button and thimble.

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