Wednesday, October 10, 2012

9/10- The Great Buffalo Nickel Found at Last

For the longest time, I have been in search of a buffalo nickel. In all the old homes we have searched, I have never found one until this week. My buddy Ben has actually found a couple this year and I was hoping to follow his lead. Last weekend I was searching a old church in Provo when I noticed two houses that appeared to be empty. I searched for the owner and found that the church has purchased them in preparation for the new temple in downtown Provo. Since Ben has been such a good friend in allowing me to hunt some of the homes he discovered, I decided to wait until he was able to go. We met up on Monday night and had a blast. Between myself, Ben, and Keith (Ben's dad), we found 11 wheat pennies, 3 silver coins, 1 buffalo nickel, and 4 interesting tokens. Here is the link to ben's blog to check out his finds:

This guy was about 3 inches down and I just had the strongest feeling that it was time. I was pretty excited
 The date is worn off on it so I can't tell what year it is. Buffalo nickels are from 1913-1938.
 Along with the buffalo nickel, I found my second standing liberty quarter with no date. The mercury dime is from 1939.
 I found three tokens that have "LOANED FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY" on one side and "PROPERTY OF O.K. VENDER" on the other. Doing some research showed me that these were traded and used in slot machines and could be traded for prizes like candy or gum. They were also used in illegal underground gambling. They date back to the 30's.
 All the good finds from the hunt. I found 7 wheat pennies from 1930,35,38,44,44,46,47.
 Total finds from the house. I went back last night and didn't find hardly anything which tells me we did a good job cleaning it out.
 Some of the other finds from the trip. The three keys were from the same hole.

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