Tuesday, June 4, 2013

6/3- 1900 Home and Cascade Golf Course

On Saturday got out for a little with Ben. He had a buddy who closed on a 1900 home that we decided to go by and try. Ben had a great day of finds. You can see them on  Ben's Blog. I came away with 7 wheats on the day from 1913, 1918, 1925, 1939,1945,2-1950 and a Utah Tax Token.

The key in the middle is a key for Idaho Bank & Trust and it has Blackfoot-Pocatello-Burley on the bottom. Only fitting that an Idaho boy would find it haha.
 Yesterday Ben got the crazy idea to see if we could detect around some of the greens at Cascade golf course. They are taking the golf course out and developing the area with homes. He thought we could find some old vintage ball markers. I told him we had a good chance for some rings but he didn't believe me until he found a Tungsten wedding band. I came away with a few ball markers and some change. Still was pretty fun to be out there.

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