Thursday, February 21, 2013

2013 Starts In Costa Rica

I know it's been a long time since my last post. I am sure everyone is itching to know how VT Mining is doing these days. With the Utah winter upon us, it has been very difficult to get out and search. This last week though, I spent the week in beautiful Costa Rica. I was determined to find some good stuff this year and I did! I took two metal detectors down there so me and my buddy Tyler could hit the beach. Here is some pics from the trip.

 The beach was so nice to search. There was tons of bottle caps and trash but lots of coins to find.

Always fun to pull a coin out of the crack of a rock

 It doesn't matter where you go, the kids always want to know what I'm doing.

One of the biggest updates in my life is I am now dating this lovely young lady and she wanted to test out the old metal detecting. Ashley did really well out there and loves the fact that I metal detect.
 First coin for Ashley!!! 100 colones which worth $.20 US
 I stayed with my good friends Tyler and Joyce who also got involved. I apologize to Joyce publicly because Tyler has the metal detecting bug bad now. He actually found a beautiful Tungsten wedding band worth about $200. Not bad for his first week of metal detecting. I left one metal detector with him so hopefully he finds the gold.

 Costa Rica was so nice and hot but every once in a while we needed to take a break and cool off in the ocean.

 Total finds for the trip were 114 coins. I found coins from US, Columbia, Costa Rica, and Europe. I found 4 total rings, 2 junk and two quality rings. 3 pieces of silver and no gold. It was a good learning experience on the beach. VT Mining is officially international at this point!

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