Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trip to Utah Territory

Back in the 1850's the US government commission General Johnston to lead an army of about 3000 men to Utah to monitor the Mormons. It is a piece of US history that even I know very little about. It has however been a part of history that I have had the pleasure to search out and find relics. My good friend Jame aka PB on most forums and YouTube has done extensive research on Johnston's army and has aloud me to join him on some of his hunts. This past weekend was one of those opportunities.

I  met James at 6:30am and we were metal detecting by 7:45am. It was cold and windy but we went after it pulling find after find out of the ground. It is amazing to hold a piece of history that is over 160 years old in your hand. The thought that right under feet just a couple inches are rare glimpses of the past. It was so much fun to go out there and find such relics. Here are my finds!

First are the Eagle buttons from the military uniforms. I found a total of 14 eagle buttons. These are by far my favorite thing to find!

 I found 4 general service buttone, 1 Eagle A for artillery unit, and a total of 9 Eagle I's for Infantry unit. The bottom left 4 buttons are made from pewter and are older then the others. They were made in the 1820's 
 Found several bullets from the time. The 3 .69 cal that were all over 12" deep.
 Civil war spencer bullets
 A couple of shoulder scale pieces and some random mystery items

 Plenty of cool old glass
 This was my find of the day! I dug down and found some trash but then I noticed this guys in the hole. It is for sure my oldest find of the trip!

In total we were out there for ten hours. James found even more stuff then me but it was a good time! If you would like to see the live hunt, here is the link Happy Hunting!!!

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