Wednesday, July 31, 2013

7/31 Pioneer Day Finds

On Pioneer day, Ben and I got out to a house in Springville that was built in 1900. Ben had sent me a picture of the house and told me to get permission. He thinks because I am in sales it's a walk in the park for me. I did some research and track down the owner and got permission. Ben beat me down to the house and decided to take the side where the weeds weren't such a problem. I think he was kicking himself after the hunt. Check out the finds!!!

The house had 3" weeds everywhere which made it very hard to get close to the ground. I had go real slow and work my way around them.
 Ben took the side that had the grass. He came away with some good finds as well! Ben's Blog
 The day started out slow but picked up quickly. Found 2 1946 Rosie very close to each other.
 The third silver of the day was a 1945 Merc!!!
 Total finds were 3 silvers, 7 wheat pennies and 1 Utah Tax Token
 Other relics include bullets, jewelry and buttons. Also a pin the says "Made from Beaver"
 Large relics included the biggest spoon I have ever found and a ring to tie up your horse.

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