Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7/9 Week Of 4th Of July Is The Week Of Wheat Pennies

Over the past week I have been hunting a number of houses from the 40's. Wheat pennies are a good sign that the ground has not been metal detected. When I find a bunch of wheat pennies, I'm going to find some silver coins. Unfortunately that was not the case for this last week. It started with a small home next to a house I used to rent. I only found 4 wheat pennies from the 40's there, no silver. I got word from a my buddy Mike that 5 houses were going to be demolished to make way for a parking lot for a church. Ben and I decided to hit the houses. Between the two of us we have pulled out close to 50 wheat pennies. Last night was the first night either of us came away with silver. I found a 1958 rosie and a 1945 war nickel. Ben found a 1954 rosie. Here are some pics from last weeks hunts.

Anthony and his family lives right next to my buddy Zeke. I went over there last week and found a couple good items. I found 9 wheat pennies and a couple pieces of junk jewelry.

I found 29 wheat pennies, 2 silvers, and 1 buffalo from the 5 houses that are being demolished. Everything was just a couple inches down. Ben found 20+ as well. We were both shocked we didn't find as many silver coins in those yards.
 Last night's hunt was the first for silver. 38 wheat pennies for the week is not bad!

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