Monday, April 30, 2012

4/28-4/29 Weekend Haul

On Saturday morning, I went out with my good friend Ben Borup and his dad to Kiwana's Park. The day started out good with a beautiful silver necklace with a small silver locket. Everyone seemed to do really well that day. On Sunday after church, I went to try out Rock Canyon Elementary school. I was quickly surprised to see three other people metal detecting in the field. I decided to go around some of the soccer fields and I did pretty well.

This is always a good sight when you flip the ground over and see SILVER!!!
 Saturday's Haul
 The picture inside has worn away, hopefully the love is still strong haha
 Sunday's haul
 This is the bulk of all the finds for the week. I estimate that I found a little over $20 in coins, 6 rings, 2 necklaces, and 5 keys. Pretty good week.

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