Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Testing out the Big Coil

A few weeks ago, I purchased a large search coil for my metal detector. It's suppose to find deeper, older targets. Most coins you find around here are no more then 8 inches in the ground. Older items will work their way down in the soil so if you are finding things deeper, you have a better chance of it being something old. Last night I went with Ben Borup to an old park built in the 1930's. The park had a lot of metal in the ground from an old carnival park. My first item I found was at 10 inches and it was a 1961 silver dime. We didn't find a ton of coins but we both found silver coins and some wheat pennies. Ben took home the prize of the day with his 1943 silver quarter. In total, I found $1.16.

 Here is the 1961 silver dime with my three wheat pennies. Each of these pennies were found around 10-12 inches down so the new search coil is working well. The pennies are from 1935, 1944, and 1955. The 1935 pennies was snuggled up at the base of an old tree.
 I am not sure this is from the arm forces but it's pretty old and I would have to say it's my favorite find of the day.
 At first I thought this was trash but once I cleaned it up a bit, it has some marking of a ring. It appears to be very old and it was pretty deep.
 You don't just find the good stuff, you gotta go through the trash sometimes.

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