Monday, May 21, 2012

5/19- Tough Rewarding Weekend

The weekend started off rough with some issues with the truck. After getting that problem fixed, I headed over to a elementary school and Lion's park. I wanted to find some silver items and I was rewarded. Between the two rings and earring, I found .25 ounces of silver. Lion's park also paid dividends with two wheat pennies both of which were about 10" down. I found three wheat pennies in all, 1918, 1939, and 1948. I also found a few interesting items as well. After it was all said and done, I found $20.99 in coins this week.

Total amount of coins for the weekend equals $9.90. Over a 100 pennies which I am getting tired of finding
 Jewelry Items from the weekend.
 Close up on the silver items.
 Wheat pennies from 1918, 1939, 1948
 Mystery coin: This coin is the size of a nickel and was down several inches. No markings that I can tell and it is very smooth. It appears to have some age but I can't tell. I'm going to clean it up and see if I can get anything off of it
 Odd items from the weekend
 So the brass piece on the left is either a top to a bed post or a door knob. It was about 15" down under a tree. The belt buckle piece was also down a ways and I found that at pioneer park in Provo. Right next to the pioneer museum so it could be pretty old as well.

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  1. Great job on the silver! That is a ton of pennies!