Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lion's Park

I went out last night with Ben and we had a great time over at Lion's park. He said it was an older park, a good chance for me to find some older coins. I was able to find two wheat pennies from 1946 and 1955. I also found a small silver necklace piece and a Girl Scout badge. In total found about $.98 in change, not a whole lot but sometimes it's nice to find older items. Both wheat pennies were about 8-9 inches down. Ben found a really nice CTR ring that appears to be pretty old as well. Good day for both of us. 

Still working on my photo taking ability. Sorry for the amateur hour people.
 You can always tell when it's silver because silver with tarnish a bit and appear like it's black. This piece appears to have some type of religious caption on it but since I only have half, I can't really tell.
 Two wheat pennies. For anyone not understanding what a wheat penny is, before 1958 on the back of the penny it would say ONE CENT on it instead of now having the Lincoln Memorial Building. It has two strands of wheat on each side which is why people call them wheat pennies. 

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