Friday, May 18, 2012

5/18- There's a First Time for Everything

So the last two times I have been out, I have had two experiences that I have never had in my professional career. The first experience was at Wines Park in Lehi. I had found a lot of shallow targets but nothing of real value. Then I hit a target that was about 6" down. I uncovered a penny that appeared to be old so I check the date to see 1942. I love finding wheat pennies because their old. I decided to check the hole again and found two more pennies. I could make out the date until I got home. The other two were 1940 and 1910!!! When I saw 1910 I was blown away since that is officially the oldest coin I have ever found. I have never found multiple old coins in the same hole so that was pretty exciting as well.

Fast forward to last night. I was out with my good buddy Ben and we were working an area next to an old amphitheater. Shortly after arriving at the location, I found my first ring. Once again I checked the hole to find another ring and a chain. Nothing of real value but still a first for me. Ben told me he has never found two rings in the same hole so I felt pretty lucky. In total I found several pieces of jewelry which leads me to believe that after a show, people would take off their costume jewelry and end up losing it. None of it was silver or gold though :(  

Three Wheat Pennies in one hole with the oldest coin in VT Mining history
 A little history about this coin: 1910 was the first year they made the wheat penny. Before 1910 the penny had lady liberty on the front instead of go old Lincoln.
 Jewelry finds from Wines Park.
 Total dollar amount $1.83
 Jewelry finds from amphitheater. The thick ring in the middle is a Lord of Rings ring. That is the third one I have found. I guess there is more then one ring that rules them all.
 Total dollar amount $1.20. Two wheat pennies from 1936 and 1944.

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