Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Boys Night Out

So last Thursday, my buddy Derald Miller asked me to bring my metal detectors over to search part of his backyard. His house was built in the 1920's so I figured it would be a good chance to find some old coins. My buddy Chase Larson also came along for the ride and we all got out there. Apparently there used to be some gypsies living in his backyard so we were excited to see what we can find.

Derald and Chase getting ready to find the good stuff. Their eyes are filled with wonderment and hope of striking it rich.
A few words from Chase Larson:

It comes as no surprise that Mike would ask me to go metal detecting with him. Or that he would ask me to write a post as a guest blogger.  It is, after all, in my blood.  A man who is (possibly) my great-great-great uncle, Alexander Graham Bell, developed the first metal detector of the modern era.  He used a snorkel, 2 pennies, a bayonet and some Elmer’s glue.  With it he found the Liberty Bell, or so the story goes.  According to the internet, Napoleon Bonaparte apparently had the first metal detector in recorded history, but it was a knockoff DetectorPro he got at Costco, so we don’t really accept that.  Again, this is what the internet tells me.  After learning about other famous metal detectors throughout history (Lisa Loeb, Reginald VelJohnson (tv’s Carl Winslow), Montezuma, Buzz Aldrin, Manute Bol (#RIP)) I decided I would take Mike up on his offer, and see if I had the mettle to detect.

I didn’t.

I was terrible.  I had no patience.  No organization.  I discovered two surterranean horseshoes (still the best finds of the day, IMO), but they were visible to the naked eye.  I gained a greater appreciation through this experience for not only Mike, but for the art of Metal Detecting, and America.  And the movie Holes.  Shia LeBouf wasn’t just a troubled kid, he was a Patriot.

As Lil Wayne states in his aptly titled hit ‘Ya Dig’, he has ‘phantoms with a Showfer (his spelling, not mine.) Bricks with a trill again waiting on a Gofer.’ As Lil waits on his Gofer, I eagerly await my next adventure in Patrotric American Metal Detecting.  

Lars Bars

This was the last thing I thought I would find in Derald's yard, It came up as a 12:19 which is is typically a number for gold. I will need to take it in to find out more.
 This is all the good stuff we found in the backyard. We found a toy tank, top of a old salt shaker, copper top, a token of some sort, 2 wheat pennies, a very nice ring, and a couple dollars in change.
 The what pennies were 1936 and 1944. The 1936 was in the sand box in the picture above, the 1944 was literally on the surface.
 I'm thinking the ring is a birth stone ring.
 Gotta show the trash

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