Monday, April 8, 2013

4/8 Trip to Weiser Yields Barber

 Over the weekend I went up to help my dad move in Idaho. the plans quickly change so while I was waiting for things to get started, I spent some time with my good friend Tyler Beams. He has got the addiction and has done pretty well for himself. We decided to hit a few spots around Weiser where I grew up. Check out the finds.

First thing I found right next to a previous dig was the 1900 Indian. After that a guy came up and asked if we wanted to metal detect his house that was built in 1900. We agreed and went over there. I found the 1901 Barber dime right next to the sidewalk.
 We headed out to an old homestead in search of more items. The house as you can see is gone but we hit the outside pretty good. I focused on what I thought would be high traffic areas and it paid off with a couple wheats.
 Here is a picture of the best finds for the weekend. the military button could be from either world war 2 or Korea war. It was right under a tree where Tyler had pasted over and dug a brass .22 shell right next to it. He was pretty mad that he didn't find that but I am sure he will get his fair share of finds as he continues to learn his machine.
 The only good thing I found on Saturday when I got back to Utah was this silver necklace piece that reads "He who holds they key can unlock my heart"


  1. That is sure a huge pile of old old coins. You are working hard and it shows!

  2. Well done on your finds. Was that an out house in one of the photos? Might be worth digging the old privy hole.


    1. I thought it was one too but it was just a pump for the water. Ben told me about your spanish real!!! What a find!!!