Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/9 Silver Keeps Flowing! Honey Hole Keeps Producing!

So last week I talked with one of the prettiest girls around as I saw on Instagram that her and her sister had moved into an old house. I met McKenzie in Lake Powell earlier this year and captured her heart by catching her a lizard. Well captured her heart is not true but I did catch her a lizard haha. I told her what I wanted to do and she informed the landowner and he was cool with it. The house was build early 1900's but the yard had been redone and we didn't find anything old. That was okay because the landowner had two other properties he said we could try out. Ben and I headed that way on Saturday and we covered both places in a short period of time.

Here are my finds for the two houses! I found 70+ coins at the two locations. I found 7 wheat pennies from 1935,37,37,39,44,45,52. One Utah Tax Token and one 1923 Mercury dime!

Ben had a good day as well! First location he scored a nice little silver ring along with a two wheat pennies from 1926 and 1935. Second location he found his 2nd silver ring as well as 1953 silver Rosie.

2nd location

Also this weekend spent some time at a 1891 home that had previously been metal detected. I've been by twice now and all finds are deep scratchy signals. All finds are also usually pretty good old as well. Here are the finds from my two trips! 3 silvers, 2 buffalo nickels, and 26 wheats! Some of the relics are pretty cool as well, like the skeleton key and lead soldier


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