Monday, September 8, 2014

Week of Labor Day

The week leading up to Labor Day was great! I didn't know how I would recover after a 10 silver day. Started with a 1919 with home with Ben. Only came with two buffalo nickels as Ben found the silver.

Thursday before the long weekend I headed back to the honey hole! It's amazing that place keeps producing. Came away with two more silvers (13 in total)! Also a cool vintage ring that was in the hole with a1944 wheat. 

Over Labor Day weekend I spent time at a house where the owner told me three guys came by two weeks before and only found a few coins because of the iron nails every where. I uses two tone ferrous and went extremely slow! I cleaned the yard of every signal and at the end I had a pile of coins! Over a hundred clad coins, one silver Rosie, one 1896 Indian right next to a thimble, and a token from Eureka Utah! It was an awesome day!

Here is a close up of the Indian and the thimble.

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