Thursday, September 18, 2014

Back To The Honey Hole? Why Not?

It's funny how things work out when you least expect it. Yesterday I had only a couple hours before dinner so I went back to the honey hole to see if it had more silver to give. So earlier in the day I was talking with Gerry from Gerry's Detectors about smaller coils! He's great and has 35+ years of experience so if you need anything! Gerry is your guy! I mentioned to Gerry how I haven't found many silver quarters. Well low and behold I go out last night and manage to score a 1942 Washington. It was in an area that I had previously been over and I realized my finds were coming very close to the curb. I was wondering why I missed it the first time but then I realized it was because all the cars were parked close to the curb and were interfering with my large coil. The little 8x6 coils was perfect for it and allowed me to get right up close without hearing the cars. Also scored a silver earring which makes 17 silvers (16 coins, 1 jewelry) at this one location.

Benefits of a small coil! Get right up close to the curb!

Here's my attempt at a live dig!

Total finds for the night! 1 silver quarter (1942), 1 silver earring, 2 tax tokens, and 6 wheat pennies (1918,20,34,45,57,58)

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