Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chasing Pre Civil War Relics

Last week I had the opportunity to search for some pre Civil War relics with a couple of good friends (Shot out to PB, Jason, Ben, Duane, and Matt). We targeted a remote location for several hours and we all came away with some very good finds! It's amazing to pull something from the ground that has been there for 160 years! Most of these finds predate the civil war and are from US soldiers that would eventually fight on both the north and the south. I love this hobby for the stories I get to see and tell!

Here are my bullets! I found all the different calibers of bullets from the time period. The largest one being a perfect dropped .69 cal. I also found .58, .54., and .52 cal sharps.

Here are the best buttons I found! One on the left is a Eagle A meaning Artillery unit. The one on the right is a tin back (As you can tell by the rust) General Service Eagle button.

Here are the other relics found that day!

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