Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2012 Coin Count Breaks 6000+ Coins

I know this is already late in 2013 but I just finished counting my total clad coins from 2012. A clad coin is a 1965 or newer coin that is pretty much worth face value. It's your change you have in your pocket right now. I was interested to see how much it totaled out to be. In 2012 I found $364.40  in clad coins. That broke out to be $174.75 in quarters, $136.90 in dimes, $17.95 in nickels, and $34.80 in pennies. Here is a picture to give you perspective.

With all my coins combined, I found 6,000+ coins last year. I know this year will not yield as much as I am now focusing on finding older coins at old homes but I couldn't believe the number. I think I found a total of $135 in 2011. Goes to show there is a lot of coins in the ground!
I never want to count that many coins again. I am keeping a running tally of all my finds this year so I hopefully I won't have to.

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